Gastrointestinal Reflux (HeartBurn)

Millions of people nationwide, and countless in Saint Clair Shores and Fenton suffer from heartburn or reflux. Continued use of antacids and prescription drugs have serious side effects and merely mask the problem of heartburn or reflux. Continued use of these drugs will usually result in further problems and even worse digestion leading to more and stronger drugs.

Both of these symptoms can be controlled naturally and often times positive results occur quickly. Common causes of reflux include liver and gall bladder problems, pancreatic enzyme deficiencies, food allergies, infection and inflammation.

We can evaluate which tests are necessary to provide insight on helping you to improve your health. A healthy gastrointestinal system is vital to good health. Stop masking the real problem. Call us today in Saint Clair Shores at 586-585-1494 or in Fenton at 810-714-1672.

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