“My symptoms were fatigue, poor digestion, body odor and pain in my head.  After just one week my symptoms began to improve and they were totally resolved shortly thereafter following Dr. Wardie’s nutritional protocol. I tell everyone I can about Dr. Wardie”

Cyndee – Fenton, Michigan

“I came to Triad Health Solutions because of stomach distress which included constant gas which was having a major effect on my life.  I was feeling very uncomfortable after eating and often had to back out of the room in the middle of conversation due to the embarrassment of gas.  I often woke up at night feeling distress and I dealt with these symptoms every day!  This condition went on for over 11 months. 

Before going to Triad I tried many, many over the counter options, such as digestive aids, antacids, gas x, beano, Prilosec and eventually a medication prescribed by a gastro specialist.  I also tried altering my diet, blaming certain foods and everything else I could think of – none of these treatments worked!  In fact, I actually became worse due to the Prilosec and prescribed drug which was very, very hard on my stomach.  (I also learned the hard way you don’t just stop those drug, you have to get off of them very slowly and carefully – something not always explained to you.)

Finally, I found Dr. Wardie at Triad Health Solutions.  I noticed a positive response within the first week of beginning his supplement recommendations and treatment plan.  I was shocked, not expecting my body to respond so quickly and in such a positive way!  I seem much more “balanced” as I eat a variety of foods without the old symptoms appearing.  Also, with his gentle chiropractic adjustments (he chose to perform gentle instrument adjusting with me) I quickly noticed my posture improved and I had much less tightening in my neck muscles and no more low back pain!

The first thing I found really unique about Triad Health Solutions was that Dr. Wardie listened to my opinion!  We shared thoughts as we discussed my body and my symptoms and went over my history.  I had a voice in what was taking place.  Dr. Wardie never once made me feel rushed during our discussions.  What was also nice is that Dr. Wardie uses clinical nutrition therapy to help heal your body much more quickly than by just performing chiropractic.  It was great to talk to someone who is so knowledgeable about nutrition and the many ways it can help with many different conditions.

What I learned from Triad is that there is a Doctor out there that will actually listen to you.  A physician that will take into account your diet, supplementation and a total approach to health.  Someone who can offer options based on your specific needs.  Someone who won’t just prescribe a pill and send you out the door.

Anyone in a situation similar to mine or even different but searching for answers, should make a trip to Triad Health Solutions.  Talk to Dr. Wardie; he listens and if he thinks you need a different approach he’ll tell you.  He is straight up and honest!  I was miserable way too long, wasting money on things that just didn’t work.  Dr. Wardie helped me invest in myself.  Thanks for getting me back on track Dr. Wardie!  When I need a tune-up, I know where to go.” 

Linda – Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan


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